Fhirst Passion Fruit 330ml

Fhirst Passion Fruit 330ml €1,95



Living soda with a taste of the tropics. Refreshingly sweet, with a gentle fizz that tickles the tongue. Sit back, sip and enjoy this tropical health smack.

Finally fhirst living soda - the soda whose name is on everyone?s lips. You may call it ?sugar? or ?sweetie?, but know that there is none of it in this can. Just pure fizz that tickles the tongue, fresh natural juices that embrace the palate and a serious mix of probiotic living cultures, prebiotic plant fibre and zinc to boost your gut, immune and brain health. Once you get a sip of this, you?re in for an everlasting lip lock.

Additional Info


Carbonated spring water, passionfruit juice concentrate (2%), lemon juice, dietary plant fibre (corn fibre, chicory root inulin), natural flavour, salt, Lactobacillus Rhamnosus, zinc citrate, stevia leaf infusion (water, stevia leaves).

Nutritional Information 

Per 100ml
Energy 23KJ/6kcal
Fat 0
- of which saturates  0
Carbohydrates 0.4
- of which sugars 0
Fibre 1.5
Salt 0.01

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